The National Quality Framework provides broad descriptions of the Educational Leader's role, enough to sow the seeds perhaps but in day to day practice, much more is needed.

In this section we:

     define who we are

     map how we work

     look at who we work with

and in our blog we discuss what we are passionate about as leaders in the profession.

It seems to me that, while it has been 4 years since the role was implemented, we have all been so tied up with the implementation of the National Quality Framework that we are only now able to step back and look closely at ourselves and our role. - Jenny - Educational Leader for 3 services.

Educational Leaders - who are we and what we do

For our colleagues we have developed a template job description for you to tailor to your service. We know from our members that every Educational Leader's role differs a little whether it relates to the amount of time they are in the role each week, the setting, the experience and knowledge of the team, and the resources that are (or are not) available.

Bonus: Educational Leader Job Description - A template to tailor to your needs is available to members in our login environment.

Bonus: An information sheet on the Educational Leader Role

Our Blogs: Follow us on Facebook, stay in touch and join in the discussion or ask a question. We have over 1500 Educational Leaders who can and are waiting to discuss the role of the Educational Leader.


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