The National Quality Framework (NQF) requires every approved education and care service to employ an Educational Leader.

This role is in place to manage the development of the curriculum in services.

Children who attend a high quality early childhood program in the year before

school are up to 40% ahead of their peers by the time they reach year 3 in primary school. Everyonebenefits.org.au

Educational Leaders are influential in inspiring, motivating and also challenging and extending the pedagogy and practice and practice of Educators in every approved education and care service.

It is a challenging role, made more so as this is the first generation of Educational Leaders.

To support their growing role, Educational Leaders at a forum in March 2016, moved to establish a formal association - a professional body - the Educational Leaders Association.

The organisation now has members from across the sector, regardless of the type of service they work in; members include new and experienced Educational Leaders and teachers from services and from schools.

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